“Gray painted cabinetry” ….Fad or Fab?

Most know when they have stepped beyond the threshold of a Fad and realize in 5 years there is a whole new set of colors coming into design trends. Does anyone remember installing Uba Tuba Granite thinking this will never go out of style!!! Well, it did, right along side the red oak cathedral doorstyle and white laminate. What I believe is the ultimate achievement in design is “timelessness”. The thought of spending thousands of dollars on a remodel that looks dated in 10 years makes me very sad but no one can truly predict color fads. Many have gotten much smarter in design. We the people desire a sassy yet simple neutral palette this day and age. I find it is easy to sway to the choice of gray painted cabinets. A simple and clean line look with gray paint offers many options for accent color and it is much easier to change accessories than cabinet colors. Rest easy my friends, I cannot help but think that the many shades of gray will be around for many moons!