Shopping for countertops with Amy

Amy And I ventured out into the freezing cold slab shops recently In search of the perfect slabs for her kitchen while trying to stay within in her budget. We had a blast! She kept saying these slabs are like pieces of art and it’s amazing that they come out of the Earth. As we walked through the long narrow aisles of Elemar and EGM in Connecticut we awed as the many options in stone that we could choose from. I helped her to narrow down the search ahead of time, in the showroom, where we visualized with smaller samples and figured on focusing our efforts to find a somewhat neutral bright color with texture and interest. We found our texture of choice then figured out the warm tone of the Titanium white shown in the first pic below was our winner! iT had everything to do with the transition from room to room in her home, a 100 year old Craftman Style with deep rich tones on the walls and floors through out. Let us know if you agree with our choice. The lower pic is of Alaskan White a gorgeous cooler toned granite. imageimage