The kitchen island is the heart of the home

There is nothing more comforting and casual than sitting at your kitchen island having a cup of coffee, discussing your next project, or writing out your grocery list, or maybe spreading out the kid’s poster board project across the nice open counter top with room to spare. The kitchen island has taken over the focal point of the kitchen! Glorious carved and turned leg options and corbel bracket details are endless. Most cabinetry manufacturers like Teddwood Cabinetry and Shiloh Cabinetry offer more than enough options in their catalogs to give your focal point some individual style and reflect some charm or sass into your home. Don’t be afraid to dress it up a little.

Have a party and you will see the entire family butted up to the island, gathering for food and drink. The poor lonely kitchen or dining room table get some spill off at times but face it, the island gets the MOST attention so treat it with care when planning this feature. The island top should be made in a durable stone and possibly a man made quartz would be a good fit for a well loved island.

Some kitchen layouts are just too small or narrow to fit the island of your dreams but don’t you fret, there are solutions for you too! A well located peninsula serves a great purpose in this case adding loads of counter space, storage and stools.  Sometimes taking down a wall or closing up a doorway can ease the flow and open up your options. Consult with a kitchen designer before you give up on your kitchen plan.

Proper spacing is very important when those large appliance doors have to open for full access so be careful to measure first and check all your appliance specifications. Sometimes design decisions can be torture when trying to fit 10 pounds of sugar in 5 pound bag so having a consultant at your side can be very comforting to know we have your back! Take a moment to enjoy the pics of “Unique Kitchen Islands”,  I found them inspiring and fun. “Surprising my clients with a layout they never thought could be possible is always a very happy moment in the process.” ~ Melissa Adinolfi