Cabinetry comes in several different face frame/overlay options and styles. These are not the only cabinetry options/overlays available but definitely the most popular today. The main two groups of cabinetry are called “Framed” and “Frameless/ European”. The “Overlay” has more to do with how the doors and drawers sit on or in the cabinet face frame (framed) or cabinet carcass (frameless).

Frameless Cabinets


Framed cabinetry comes with either concealed or exposed hinges. Inset style allows the doors and drawers to sit flush with the face frame while a full overlay style sits over almost the entire face frame allowing a small reveal between the doors and drawers with minimal spacing.

Framed Cabinets


When referencing the “Bead Inset” style note the profile on the face frame has a groove and rounded edge for more detail than the “Square / Flush Inset” style which is a 90 degree/ square edge.

Bead Inset vs. Square/Flush Inset