Category: Kitchen Cabinetry

Outside the Box

It has been to my advantage that I think outside the box whenever diving into a project that requires moving things around in a kitchen or bathroom layout. The kitchen is usually just that…a box. How hard could it be? Well, I guess not too hard for me. I quite enjoy the first stages of… Read more »

The kitchen island is the heart of the home

There is nothing more comforting and casual than sitting at your kitchen island having a cup of coffee, discussing your next project, or writing out your grocery list, or maybe spreading out the kid’s poster board project across the nice open counter top with room to spare. The kitchen island has taken over the focal… Read more »

10 Signs You Should Invest in Kitchen Cabinetry

Sometimes your kitchen just needs a face-lift. If you’ve been stuck in the doldrums with the same beaten up cabinets for years, or you’ve just moved into your new home and the kitchen needs an overhaul, then kitchen cabinetry is a worthwhile investment. They can make the kitchen new again and help to revitalize your… Read more »